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Welcome to the SMT Australia store.
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G2 Shooters Pac

The updated 8 sensor G2 Shooters-Pac is everything you need for one target in a single portable package.

It automatically links with any other SMT G2 target systems in the area to easily expand to a multi-target system.

The G2 Shooters-Pac includes:
  • G2 target system
  • 8 microphone sensors with cabling
  • Short and long range antennas
  • Firing line Wifi access point
  • Battery charger
  • Durable carrying case

For Clubs

For organizations that regularly run events with 3-10 targets at a time, electronic targets offer a cost-effective alternative to manually pulled targets.

The S10 server connects your targets together and provides a single access point for managing and viewing all targets on the range.

The software is designed and tested by competitive shooters, and has support for all common match configurations.

No butt duty

Never pull a target again. Keep all your shooters showing up every week and finish matches earlier with more time spent actually shooting.

Match modes

Replace or complement your paper scorecard. It can handle everything needed for a match: sighters, crossfires, pair/threes firing, and competitor logins.


Enter your scope settings as you shoot, and the software becomes a plot-o-matic. Perfect for group centering, coaching, and training.


Identify the winners before they go home. The shots and scores can be exported for fast statistics.

Easy setup

Simply attach sensor mounting plates to the four corners of your target frame, and calibrate for the center in one shot.


The target maintains a wireless link to the firing point, where you can connect using any Wifi-enabled device with a web browser.


Shoot and record your strings for later viewing. Keep a permanent record of your performance.


The time, velocity, impact, and scope settings for each shot is recorded, ideal for ladder, OCW, and ballistics testing.