Welcome to the SMT Australia store.
Welcome to the SMT Australia store.
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SOLO is an electronic target that reports shot position and value to a shooter who can be 1000 yards away.

Solo is priced low enough for personal use but is also capable enough to be used to run small and mid-sized matches, and to be used in large multi-target systems.

SOLO sensors attach to your targetry and acoustically detect an incoming supersonic bullet.  A wireless link connects to display devices on the firing line.

SOLO is self sufficient and able to operate in austere range environments with no power or shelter, and weighs less than  2,2kg,

SOLO is easy to setup and eliminates multiple trips to the target for refacing, pasting holes, or checking group sizes.
SOLO comes with everything needed to start shooting.
  • 4 sensor mounting plate
  • 4 sensor arrays (8 sensors total)
  • ​4 color coded sensor cables
  • T-SOLO Target-Line measurement unit
  • F-SOLO Firing Line WIFI access point
  • Two rechargeable battery packs
  • Quick start pictorial guides to get you up and running quickly
You supply:
  • the target frame
  • a WIFI capable display device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • bullets on target

More info here: https://www.silvermountaintargets.com/#FAQ